We at Vizikidz provide high-quality virtual care for all your child’s surprise accidents, everyday ailments, and everything in between. For parents on the go and patients who have trouble with traditional doctor visits, our ‘doors’ are open long after most offices have closed. 

The healthcare system in America is more overwhelmed than ever before. Urgent care centers are overrun with patients, and traditional doctor offices are overwhelmed with appointment requests. The result? Inaccurate diagnoses, rushed visits, and frantic doctors who don’t have time to get to know the children they treat. 

We are parents and caregivers ourselves, so we understand how challenging it is to see your child suffering. We also recognize the concerns you might have about the differences between telehealth vs. an in-person doctor visit.

Vizikidz remodels traditional healthcare to fit your schedule and your child's needs. The key point of difference? Personalized medicine that prioritizes your child's wellbeing. We expedite our appointment scheduling process for children suffering from severe acute illnesses. We send an experienced two-person team to treat your child in less than 24 hours, but no more than 72 hours. 

If you’ve never used hybrid healthcare, here’s how Vizikidz delivers high-quality telehealthcare to families in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas:

  1. A medical technician performs the exam We send an experienced medical technician to your home with an advanced portable exam station. This device contains all the traditional equipment and supplies found in in-person medical settings, as well as a computer. 
  1. High-tech medical equipment is used — From stethoscopes to mobile electrocardiograms, our equipment has Bluetooth technology that connects your Vizikidz provider to your child. We use only the best medical equipment to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment regimen. 
  1. A provider joins you through video conferencing — During your child’s visit, a pediatrician collaborates with the medical technician and answers your questions on one of our computers. They supervise the visit and conduct visual examinations using HIPAA-compliant telecommunications software. High definition images of your child’s symptoms, heart rate, lung capacity, and more are instantly available on their end to streamline your child’s appointment. 

If we don’t have the equipment to treat or test your child, we connect you with top-notch local pediatric specialists. 

The top 5 benefits of hybrid healthcare 

Did you know that the average wait time at a traditional pediatrician’s office is 20 minutes? Most doctor’s offices have protocols in place for patient safety, but it only takes a few minutes to contract an airborne viral illness. Keeping clear of other patients’ germs is just one reason that hybrid healthcare is advantageous for you and your child’s wellbeing. 

Here are five other benefits of working with Vizikidz: 

1. We work around your schedule 

Repeat visits to your pediatrician might be in your future, especially if your child has a complex wound, skin infection, the flu, or another acute condition that requires careful monitoring. Whether you’re a working parent or have a busy household to tend to, Vizikidz gets rid of the hassle of those back-and-forth visits to your child’s doctor. 

2. Your child is more relaxed at home 

For many children, seeing a doctor is a scary experience. Infants and young children treated in an at-home setting can benefit from being around their loved ones, a pet, and comforting toys, particularly if they need a more invasive diagnostic treatment. 

In some cases, the medical technician and your Vizikidz provider may need to evaluate your home to make an accurate diagnosis. Pet dander, mold, cigarette smoke, or other environmental irritants may be responsible for your child’s chronic cough or allergies, for example. 

3. You and your child have more time to ask questions 

Vizikidz aims to educate both children and their parents about exams, the diagnostic process, and treatment. The medical technician and Vizikidz provider you work with are eager to take questions from whoever attends your child’s visit. 

We also welcome your child to ask questions to help them feel safe, heard, and comfortable. More importantly, hybrid healthcare fosters stronger relationships between provider and patient.

4. Vizikidz brings medical care to where you are

Life happens, and your child may need acute medical care outside of your home. Luckily, the Vizikidz team is standing by to help. From in-patient care facilities to hotel rooms, we send medical technicians and pediatricians to any location that’s safe to perform a physical exam, a diagnostic examination, and/or administer medical treatments. 

5. Virtual Care reduces the costs of medical care 

We understand that co-pays are expensive, so our goal is to keep your child as healthy as possible to avoid unnecessary doctor visits. If we can treat your child, their Vizikidz healthcare team spends as much time as they need to make an accurate diagnosis. If your child needs external care, we direct you to the best pediatric specialists in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas to save you from paying for a second (or third, or fourth) opinion. 

Getting an in-home medical examination also saves you from paying to treat your child’s condition. It may be tempting to diagnose your child by sight or experience alone and use over-the-counter remedies for treatment. However, a misdiagnosis means your child is unwell for longer, and additional (and more costly) formal treatments may be necessary. 

How to become a new Vizikidz patient 

When you’re ready to make your child a Vizikidz patient, the intake process is simple. You can make an appointment with your Vizikidz provider in as soon as 24 hours, but no more than 72 hours. We also factor in the urgency and severity of your child’s symptoms to determine the best possible Vizikidz provider for your visit.

Here’s what to expect before and during your child’s first Vizikidz visit:

1. Request an appointment 

Go to the Vizikidz website and complete our intake form. It’s simple: fill out a few questions about why your child needs to see a Vizikidz pediatrician, leave your preferred form of contact, and click ‘Submit.’ 

2. Speak with one of our triage nurses 

Next, we conduct an over-the-phone assessment of your child’s health. The triage nurse will register your child in the Vizikidz system and learn more about your appointment request. 

If they determine our mobile acute telehealth services are a good fit, we pair your child with the best Vizkidz provider according to your and your child’s preferences. Your Vizikidz provider will arrive within the hours of 3 p.m. - 11 p.m. (PST). 

3. Meet with the medical technician and your Vizikidz provider 

The appointment Your Vizikidz provider will begin the appointment by discussing your child’s health history and the reason for their visit. Next, the medical technician will confer with the doctor to start the medical examination. 

Before the end of the appointment, you and your child can also discuss how their medications or lifestyle make them feel. We go the extra mile to make your child’s medication regimen effective without any unnecessary side effects. 

It helps to prepare a list of questions in advance for the medical technician and your Vizikidz provider. We also suggest you prepare a clean treatment environment ahead of time, especially if your child is receiving their first physical examination, or may need an invasive medical treatment (i.e, sutures).  

When is mobile acute care the best option? 

Our top priority for your child is preventing frequent and unnecessary visits to the doctor, urgent care, or the emergency room. 

Mobile acute care offered by Vizikidz is appropriate for routine ailments, including: 

Treating routine conditions in the comfort of your home might keep your child from developing a more serious illness. However, mobile acute care can’t be used interchangeably with urgent care. 

Going to urgent care is appropriate if your child: 

Finally, there are some situations where your child needs to be seen by an in-person doctor as quickly as possible

Going to the emergency room is a must if your child: 

What to expect after your child’s telehealth appointment

In many ways, Vizikidz follows the traditional model of a doctor’s visit. We send your prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy during or shortly after your child’s visit. We call in generic drugs to help you cut down on costs. We schedule follow-up visits if your Vizikidz provider confers with the medical technician and believes an additional visit (or more) is required. 

Your Vizikids provider is just a phone call or email away if your child struggles with unusual symptoms after beginning a new medication.

If you believe your child needs to be seen sooner by their Vizikidz provider, we work with you to reschedule their appointment according to your schedule. 

Vizikidz brings experienced pediatric healthcare providers to your home  

Vizikidz is proud to ally with parents and their children to take a holistic and effective approach to hybrid healthcare in a distanced setting. Every patient is like family, so we make children as comfortable as possible during visits to the doctor.

We’re standing by to help your child achieve good health. Give us a call at 480-219-5873 to learn more. 

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