Since 2003, Scottsdale Physicians Group has provided residents of Scottsdale and the surrounding areas with high-quality medical care. Two years ago, we recognized that a simple FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom telemedicine visit wasn’t enough to give our patients a comprehensive, hands-on experience that mirrored an in-person visit. 

Before long, we opened a Virtual Care branch (SPGVCC) to offer pediatric telemedicine with Vizikidz. We send expert medical technicians to meet our patients where they are and provide in-depth comprehensive care. In-person diagnostic exams reduce the likelihood of errors and help your child form a closer relationship with their Vizikidz healthcare team. 

In 2020, we made more than 20,000 in-home visits to children and their families. For rare and complex conditions, we connect you with top-rated specialists in the region to provide your child with the best possible medical care. 

How does Vizikidz work? 

We use high-end equipment and Bluetooth technology to diagnose and treat your child in a home or hospital setting (i.e., hospice, inpatient treatment centers). 

Vizikidz telehealth carts contain equipment such as: 

Your Vizikidz provider will conduct the visual examination during a video conference, where you and your child will also discuss their symptoms and ask questions. 

Our virtual care software is highly secure and HIPPA-compliant, giving you peace of mind that your child’s personal information remains private. 

The benefits of our virtual care model

In-home healthcare services aren’t only for medically fragile and vulnerable children. Telehealth offers a myriad of benefits for both parent and child, such as: 

  1. Convenient scheduling — We understand that working parents often struggle to block out several hours for their children’s medical appointments. Vizikidz works around your busy schedule to ensure that you have an ample amount of time to meet with your child’s provider. 
  1. Easier examinations — Many children automatically assume that going to the doctor will be a painful experience. Unfamiliar and overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells often make a traditional doctor’s visit even more difficult for your child. Routine check-ups and examinations in the comfort of home keep your child calm and comfortable around their doctor. 
  1. Enhanced accuracy — Your child may be too young or too ill to vocalize their symptoms. They may suffer from mental or behavioral health issues. No matter the case, an examination at home makes for a streamlined diagnosis. Your child’s natural interactions and reactions help our team create a highly effective care plan.   
  1. Diverse, dynamic care — From physical therapy to occupational therapy to conducting X-rays, SPGVCC brings all dimensions of your child’s healthcare to your home. Following the multidisciplinary rounds model of care, our team of expert providers across disciplines collaborates to determine the types of medical care your child needs to feel their best.

Reduced flu and COVID-19 risk — Both the flu and COVID-19 are highly contagious, airborne viruses. Telemedicine reduces the risk of your child getting sick from a medical examination. We train our technicians to follow COVID-19 safety and sanitation regulations set by the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services. Protective equipment is worn at all times.

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